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Subsidy workshop

This workshop is meant for researchers that intend to apply for grants or considering that possibility in the near future.

The subsidy workshop is tailor-made to the group of participants and their needs.

It starts with a preparation phase in advance, where researchers are asked to formulate their project ideas and ambitions, according to a specific format.

Draft proposals get iteratively refined and at workshop commencement, participants already receive advice on subsidies that match the proposed research or career profile.

Presentations are highly interactive and cover important information presented by experts, e.g.:

  • General philosophy of grant schemes
  • Specific, in-detail presentations of grant schemes ‘pre-selected’ by the participants
  • The grant-writing life-cycle
  • Writing and application tips
  • Legal aspects (e.g. Intellectual Property Rights)
  • Management of consortium
  • Evaluation process – an inside view

Most of the workshop is dedicated for participants to apply freshly gained knowledge to writing grant applications.

During sessions, the grant advisor schedules slots for individual questions and discussions.

At the end of the workshop, take-home lessons are shared among the group, and individual feedback is given to each application.


sofiaDr. Sofia Derossi obtained her PhD in chemistry at the University of Sheffield (UK). She focused her academic career on spectroscopy and sustainable chemistry at the University of Montreal (CA) and then the University of Amsterdam (NL).

 In 2012, Sophia joined a subsidy consultancy bureau, where she gained vast experience in EU grant applications. She was involved in a range of Dutch subsidies and international consortia.

 Since 2015, Sofia has been working at IXA the grant support office for UvA. She helps researchers from chemistry, maths, economics and business with subsidy applications and organises workshops on grant schemes. In 2017, Sofia also chairs the Jong UvA board, the organisation gathering all young UvA employees.